ICDAR2011 Page Segmentation Competition


The ICDAR2011 Historical Document Layout Analysis Competition will run as follows:

NEW Until May 27, 2011  

Registration is open for developers of candidate methods to register their intention to participate. Upon registration, they will receive a username & password, which will enable them to download the example dataset (document images and associated ground truth). Also, once registered, further resources and details on the organisation of the competition can be accessed.

May 6, 2011  

Registered developers will be able to download the document images of the evaluation dataset.

NEW June 3, 2011  

Developers submit the results of the candidate methods along with the executables of the candidate methods (to be able to replicate the results) and a brief description of each method. The organisers then evaluate the submitted results and prepare a detailed report describing and comparing the candidate methods.


The results will be announced at an ICDAR2011 special session.

For more information on requirements, formats, representative examples and ground truth (including a viewer), please see the Resources page.

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