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University of Salford
PRImA - Pattern Recognition & Image Analysis Group

PRImA Layout Analysis Dataset :: Use


Document Image Analysis researchers must register to access the dataset and to download parts of it. Use of the dataset is strictly for personal research and not for any commercial use. Reproduction and/or redistribution of any part of the dataset is not allowed. See also the Copyright section below.


Browsing and searching are supported to select documents satisfying a number of different criteria, ranging from layout features to image characteristics.

Images and ground truth can be examined efficiently at different levels of detail without downloading full-sized files.

Ad-hoc collections of documents can be constructed e.g. for the evaluation of methods focussing on specific layout analysis challenges.

Downloads include the page image, associated ground truth file as well as a set of files that enable local off-line browsing using an SVG viewer.


Scanned pages (all images) are available in the dataset exclusively for personal research and, in general, must not be reproduced in any form (even in scientific publications) without the permission of the copyright holder(s). Information on the copyright holder(s) is displayed for every page image in the dataset in order to make it possible to identify who to seek permission from.

We are working towards securing permission from publishers so that researchers can freely use images and reproduce them in scientific publications. Wherever such permission is available, it is indicated in the metadata and displayed for each page image.

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