Accepted Papers

The following is a list of the accepted papers (full and short) and demonstrations. Final paper preparation instructions can be found at:

Paper IDTypeTitleAuthors
11FFull PaperDocument Imaging Security and Forensics Ecosystem ConsiderationsSteven Simske, Margaret Sturgill, Guy Adams, Paul Everest
15FFull PaperXUIB: XML to User Interface BindingChun-Hsiung Tseng, Yue-Sun Kuo, Hsiu-Hui Lee, Chuen-Liang Chen
16FFull PaperDifferential Access for Publicly-Posted Composite Documents with Multiple Workflow ParticipantsHelen Balinsky, Steven Simske
17FFull PaperAssessing the Readability of Clinical Guidelines in a Document Engineering EnvironmentMark Truran, Gersende Georg, Marc Cavazza, Dong Zhou
18SShort PaperDocument Product Lines: Variability-driven Document GenerationMª Carmen Penadés, José H. Canós, Marcos R. S. Borges and Manuel Llavador
20FFull PaperDocument Structure Meets Page Layout: Loopy Random Fields for Web News Content ExtractionAlex Spengler, Patrick Gallinari
29FFull PaperSemantics-Based Change Impact Analysis for Heterogeneous Collections of DocumentsSerge Autexier, Normen Müller
34FFull PaperTable Layout: Existing Tools and New ModelsMihai Bilauca, Patrick Healy
36FFull PaperUsing Versioned Tree Data Structure, Change Detection and Node Identity for Three-Way XML MergingCheng Thao, Ethan Munson
40FFull PaperUnsupervised Font Reconstruction Based on ProximityMichael Cutter, Joost van Beusekom, Faisal Shafait, Thomas Breuel
42SShort PaperDegraded Dot Matrix Character Recognition Using CSM-based feature ExtractionAbderrahmane Namane, EL Houssine Soubari and Patrick Meyrueis
48SShort PaperThis conversation will be recorded: automatically generating interactive multimedia documents from captured mediaDidier A. Vega-Oliveros, Diogo Santana Martins and Maria da Graca Pimentel
58FFull PaperA social approach to authoring media annotationsRoberto Fagá, Maria da Graça Pimentel
60FFull PaperDocument Engineering for a Digital LibraryPetr Sojka, Radim Hatlapatka
61FFull PaperCreating and Sharing Personalized Time-Based Annotations of Videos on the WebRodrigo Laiola Guimaraes, Pablo Cesar, Dick Bulterman
62FFull PaperA model for editing operations on active, temporal multimedia documentsA. J. (Jack) Jansen, Dick Bulterman, Pablo Cesar
64SShort PaperPicture Detection in Document Page ImagesPatrick Chiu, Francine Chen and Laurent Denoue
66SShort PaperUsing Model Driven Engineering technologies for building authoring applicationsOlivier Beaudoux, Arnaud Blouin and Jean-Marc Jézéquel
68SShort PaperProfiling PDF Files for Accurate Cost Estimation and Efficient On-Demand Book PrintingFabio Giannetti, Rafael Lins, Gabriel Silva, Alexis Cabeda and Gary Dispoto
69SShort PaperLinking Data and Presentations: from Mapping to Active TransformationsOlivier Beaudoux and Arnaud Blouin
70SShort PaperNext generation typeface representations: Revisiting parametric fontsTamir Hassan, Changyuan Hu and Roger D. Hersch.
73SShort PaperFrom Templates to Schemas: Bridging the Gap between Free Editing and Safe Data ProcessingVincent Quint, Cécile Roisin, Stéphane Sire and Christine Vanoirbeek.
74SShort PaperDown to the Bone: Simplifying SkeletonsJannis Stoppe and Björn Gottfried
75SShort PaperInteractive layout analysis and transcription systems for ancient handwritten documentsOriol Ramón Terrades, Alejandro H. Toselli, Nicolás Serrano, Verónica Romero, Enrique Vidal and Alfons Juan
76SShort PaperFormCracker: Interactive Web-based Form FillingLaurent Denoue, John Adcock, Scott Carter, Patrick Chiu and Francine Chen
78SShort PaperSemantics-Enriched Document ExchangeJingzhi Guo
79SShort PaperDocument and item-based modeling: a method for knowledge sharing by end-users in large communitiesJean-Pierre Cahier, Xiaoyue Ma and L'Hédi Zaher
80DDemoDSMW : a distributed infrastructure for the cooperative edition of semantic wiki documentsHala Skaf-Molli, Gérôme Canals and Pascal Molli
82SShort PaperModeling the Structure of Social Text for Topic detectionJulien Dubuc and Sabine Bergler
83SShort PaperAPEX: Automated Policy Enforcement eXchangeSteven Simske and Helen Balinsky
84SShort PaperPre-evaluation of Invariant Layout in Functional Variable-Data DocumentsJohn Lumley
85SShort PaperTowards a Common Evaluation Strategy for Table Structure Recognition AlgorithmsTamir Hassan
86SShort PaperUsing Feature Models for Creating Families of DocumentsSven Karol, Martin Heinzerling, Florian Heidenreich and Uwe Aßmann
88SShort PaperTwo new aesthetic measures for item alignmentAline Duarte Riva, Alexandre Kasuo Seki, Isabel Harb Manssour and João Batista Souza de Oliveira
90SShort PaperTerm Frequency Dynamics in Collaborative ArticlesSérgio Nunes, Cristina Ribeiro and Gabriel David
91SShort PaperDocument Conversion for Cultural Heritage Texts: FrameMaker to HTML RevisitedMichael Piotrowski
94SShort PaperStyle and Branding Elements Extraction from Business Web SitesLimei Jiao, Suk Hwan Lim, Nina Bhatti, Yuhong Xiong and Jerry Liu
96SShort PaperMedieval Manuscript Layout ModelMicheal Baechler and Rolf Ingold
97SShort PaperOn Helmholtz’s principle for documents processingAlexander Balinsky, Helen Balinsky and Steven Simske
99SShort PaperContextual Advertising for Web Article PrintingSheng-Wen Yang, Jianming Jin, Parag Joshi and Sam Liu
103SShort PaperComparison of Global and Cascading Recognition Systems Applied to Multi-font Arabic TextFouad Slimane, Slim Kanoun, Adel M. Alimi, Jean Hennebert and Rolf Ingold
104SShort PaperGlyph Extraction from Historic Document ImagesLothar Meyer-Lerbs, Arne Schuldt and Björn Gottfried
105SShort PaperMultilingual composite document management framework for the Internet : an FRBR approachJean-Marc Lecarpentier, Cyril Bazin and Hervé Le Crosnier
106SShort PaperOpen World Classification of Printed InvoicesEnrico Sorio, Alberto Bartoli, Giorgio Davanzo and Eric Medvet
110SShort PaperDiffing, patching and merging XML documents: toward a generic calculus of editing deltas.Jean-Yves Vion-Dury.
111SShort PaperOptimized Re-processing of Documents Using Stored Processor StateJames Ollis, David Brailsford and Steven Bagley
112SShort PaperTransquotation in eBooksSteve Battle and Matthew Bernius
113SShort PaperTable of Contents Recognition for Converting PDF Documents in E-book FormatsSimone Marinai, Emanuele Marino and Giovanni Soda
114SShort PaperBlocked Recursive Image Composition with Exclusion ZonesHui Chao, Daniel Tretter, Xuemei Zhang and C. Brian Atkins
115SShort PaperA File-Type Sensitive, Auto-Versioning File SystemArthur Müller, Sebastian Roennau and Uwe Borghoff
117DDemoDocument Archival via Auto-Versioning File-SystemsArthur Müller, Sebastian Roennau and Uwe Borghoff
119SShort PaperA Review of Table Layout ProgramsMihai Bilauca and Patrick Healy
121SShort PaperAutomatic Selection of Print-worthy Content for Enhanced Web Page Printing ExperienceSuk Hwan Lim, Liwei Zheng, Jianming Jin, Huiman Hou, Jian Fan and Jerry Liu

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