Topics & Technologies

Topics and technologies relevant to the symposium include (but are not limited to):

  • Document Representations Standards (ODF, PDF), models, type representation, metadata (MPEG-7, RDF), Style Sheets (CSS, XSL), Markup Languages (SGML, XML), Multimedia (MPEG-4, SMIL, MHEG, NCL), Multilingual representations, temporal aspects
  • Document Manipulation - Document transformation (XSLT, XQuery), Adaptive Documents, Document presentation (typography, formatting, layout)
  • Document Systems - Workflow, cooperation, web services, social networking, engineering life cycle
  • Document System Components - Security, APIs (SAX, DOM), synchronization, System performance
  • Document collections - Databases: Storage, Indexing, Retrieval, Content Management Systems, E-books
  • Document Linking - Techniques (XLink, XPath, Xpointer), Blogs, Wikis, Integration with other digital artefacts
  • Document generation - authoring tools and systems, variable data printing, automatically generated documents
  • Document Analysis - structure, layout and content analysis, categorization, classification, character recognition
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