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University of Salford
PRImA - Pattern Recognition & Image Analysis Group

PRImA Layout Analysis Dataset :: Help


In the browse section you start by viewing all the images available in the dataset. You can then use the two boxes on the top to restrict the images you are viewing by Document Type and/or Keywords.

The checkbox under each image can be used to select multiple images and download them using the button at the end of the page. Note that at the bottom of the page there are also buttons to help you select all images in a page and also to allow you to downaload all the images in the current page or all the images that match your selected criteria. [Read more]

Finally each thumbnail, when clicked, takes you to a page providing the following:

  1. Any metadata related to the selected image,
  2. A larger version of the original image (which can be enlarges even more when clicked),
  3. A preview of the groundtruth region outlines, which when clicked gives (depending on browser support):
    • A fully interactive viewer allowing you to browse all the regions described in the PAGE groundtruth file that correspond to the image [Read more], or
    • A static preview of the outlines of all regions described in the PAGE groundtruth file that correspond to the image

Interactive Regions Preview

If your browser fully supports SVG graphics [Read more], you can benefit from the interactive groundtruth viewer. This viewer :

  • Top: General metadata about the ground truth file
  • Left: Metadata about the selected region
  • Right: The image with ground truth region outlines. You can zoom in/out and pan the image using the controls on the top left corner. Clicking on a region updates the region related metadata on the left pane.

Browser compatibility matrix

The online preview of the regions and their metadata is based on use of W3C standard SVG images and JavaScript.

In order to get the most out of the previewing tool, you need a browser that is capable of rendering SVG images with embedded JavaScript.

If your browser has no SVG support, you get a static preview of the regions for any image you are viewing, however you can not browse through the metadata available in the XML groundtruth.

Some browsers attempt to render the SVG but not successfully. In such cases, you might get some of the functionality, but we cannot guarantee that you are experiencing the best available previewing mechanism.

For the best experience with all features working, we recommend the use of Mozilla Firefox 3. Microsoft Internet Explorer does not support SVG rendering, however it allowes you to get a static preview image.

BrowserPreview Type
Google Chrome 5 ×
Internet Explorer 6 × ×
Internet Explorer 7 ? ? ?
Internet Explorer 8 × ×
Internet Explorer 9 BETA × ×
Mozilla Firefox 3
Opera 10 ×
Safari ×


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